25 August 2010 - 0 brutal di sini

why i need blackberry socks phone from DiGi?

why im dying to have the blackberry socks?
because of im using DiGi number since 2001!

i never change my phone number until now.
i call DiGi center when i was at Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Kuantan, Pahang to suggest upgrading their network.

then i call again to suggest rm10 reload ticket.

im totally fanatic to Digi until now im stil using the same number.
i hope to have blueberry so then i can online using DiGi service. DiGi is the most public service i ever known and that's why im still loyal to DiGi.

i hope to have this blackberry socks limited edition to be awarded as a loyal customer.

more info at :

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